Chris Culliver Teams with Peta

Washington Redskins’ Chris Culliver: It’s Their Walk

Washington Redskins cornerback Chris Culliver saves his rushing for the football field. When it comes to walking his pup, he takes the time to let his dog be a dog.

When we don’t make time for our dogs, they’re the ones who suffer. Going for a walk is often their only chance to get out and explore the world. On walks, allow your dog to sniff, socialize, and roll around in the grass.

If you don’t have a canine companion, offer to walk a friend’s or neighbor’s dog (one who is kept chained or crated would be especially grateful) or volunteer to walk dogs who need the attention and exercise at your local animal shelter.

Taking a dog for a walk is the perfect excuse to put your phone away, slow down, and let dogs enjoy being dogs!

For more information about being a responsible dog parent and making your furry friends happy, sign up for PETA’s mobile alerts. Text ADOPT to 73822 (U.S.) or 99099 (Canada) to show your support for companion animals.

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